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Outdoor Outfitters Possum Leg Hold Trap

The Outdoor Outfitters leg hold traps are a well built, affordable and lightweight leg hold trap, specifically designed for both the amateur and the professional trapper in New Zealand.

Outdoor Outfitters have designed these log hold traps for Possums, Rabbits, Ferrets, Stoats and Feral Cats, with added improvements to make sure pests are firmly trapped - and of course, these traps are fully compliant with MPI & Bio-security regulations for No.1 leg hold traps.


Technical Specifications:

Weight: 365 grams (easily transported in a backpack or satchel)
Construction: Zinc Coated Steel
Spring system: 2x 7-coil springs, designed to prevent escapes - significantly stronger than other traps on the market

Other Features:


Frame is riveted together, with the footplate spot welded in place
Supplied with 420mm chain and ring
Nyloc nut fitted to plate pivot screw to prevent automatic loosening during use
Shiny Zinc helps attract inquisitive pests, and helps with location of traps, to reduce loss
Zinc Coating also prevents rust
They are excellent for possum fur and skin collection


No leg-hold trap may be used within 150m of a dwelling without the permission of the occupier, or in any area where there is a probable risk of catching a pet animal.

OO Possum Trap Leg Hold x1

SKU: 350059