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Kiwi Sprite Pop-Up Insect Zapper
Don't let sandfly and mosquito bites ruin your camping adventure

Irresistible ultraviolet (UV) LED light attracts mosquitoes and other flying pests to kill them with a 500 volt electric shock. Great product to keep on hand for every adventure. Water resistant design for indoor and outdoor use.

• 3 lighting modes (high, medium and low)
• Collapsible design for compact storage
• Built-in hanging hook
• Micro USB rechargeable
• IPx4 rating

UV Wave Length: 360-400mm
UV LED Run Time: Approx 24 hrs
LED Run Time: 4hrs, 7hrs, 15hrs
Electric Shock Grid Voltage: 500V
Lantern Output: Up to 100 Lumens
Weight: 167g
Material: ABS plastic
Dimensions: 90mmW x 105mmH x 90mmD

Kiwi Camping Sprite Insect Zapper

SKU: KC097-002