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  • Micro Regulated Valve: The micro regulating valve features incredible boiling performance in extreme weather and allows for a versatile use from simmer to a boil at the same time.
  • All In One Set: All components including a stove with pressure regulator valve, a pot with heat exchanger, a pot stand, a canister stabilizer and a separately sold 220/230g standard propane and butane mixture cartridge can be put together into 1 compact unit. Also, 1 mesh bag contained for easy carry. It's easy to use with the piezo igniter included, push to start!
  • Bpa Free: Constructed with high quality hard anodized aluminum alloy and the lid is made of Tritan and Silicone (knob), our Polaris is BPA FREE, versatile, durable and built to last.
  • Highly Efficient: Our industry leading heat exchange technology minimizes wind impact and reduces boiling times by up to 30% compared to traditional backpacking stoves, boiling 1 litre water in only 3.5 minutes.
  • Safe, Sturdy And Durable: The sturdy aluminum pot features a locking stainless steel handle for secure and safe handling, this combined with the insulating neoprene cover on the pot will ensure years of safe outdoor cooking pleasure!



Material: Anodized Aluminum / Stainless Steel / Tritan / Silicone / Copper

Power: 6142BTU/h, 1.8kW, 129g/h

Weight: 622g / 22 oz

Fuel Type: Isobutane Gas Mixture

Unfolded Size: 123*254*264.5mm,4.8*10*10.4in;

Folded Size: 123*132*207mm,4.8*5.2*8.1in

Volume: 1L,33.8us_oz

Boil Time: 1min 50sec per 0.5 liter

Firemaple Polaris X5 Pressure Regulator Cooking System

SKU: 202643