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Back Country Cuisine Elite has been formulated to meet the energy requirement of meat eating elite outdoors people, who want to push themselves and need meals delivering 700 to 800+ Cal/kcals of energy. The bulk of the calories are coming from fats and protein with the remainder coming from carbohydrates. This is so the calories are more balanced and absorbed over a longer period of time to aid digestion, performance and recovery. We’ve developed the meal flavours in-house to ensure they’re as authentic and natural as possible, while also tasting great. We’ve also made the meals the same dry weight as our main range so they’re nice and filling. Because of their higher fat content they’re also more packable being less bulky and taking slightly less water to rehydrate. Take your adventure nutrition to the next level with the Back Country Cuisine Elite range.

Back Country Elite Meals 2 Serve Regular 175g