Outdoor Outfitters - Gunsmiths Station - Vice

Outdoor Outfitters - Gunsmiths Station - Vice

SKU: 203003

Hard-wearing quality gun vice - The all-in-one gunsmith's station. This vice secures your firearms during cleaning, gunsmithing, scope mounting or routine maintenance.

Padded everywhere it touches your firearm. The unique quick-cam action allows you to remove or reposition the gun in seconds.

Features multiple built-in compartments for solvents, oils and gun parts.

Secure your firearm for just about any work you want to perform on it.


- Rubberised cradle and pads
- Quck-release Cam
- Adjustable pivot arm fits any width stock
- Round bottom compartments for screw & small parts
- Flat bottom compartments for cans, bottles and tools


- Tough, solvent-resistant plymer frame
- Fits almost any rifle or shotgun
- One-piece construction
- Padded stock clamp