OO Slingshot No Arm Brace Power 1.0

OO Slingshot No Arm Brace Power 1.0

SKU: 101144

The Powerline Compact Slingshot is one of our three “Premier” slingshots and is ideal for introduction into target shooting.

This slingshot is made in Taiwan, and has a solid steel frame for strength and durability with an extra wide fork (80mm) for easier aim and less rubber damage.

The moulded sure-grip handle fits your hand like a glove and gives you better control. These will easily slip into your pocket for ease of transportation.

The handle has the capacity to hold over 100 round balls which can be poured in and out through the 10mm hole at the top.


·         Pocket Slingshot

·         Moulded sure-grip handle

·         Handle holds ammo

·         Solid steel frame

·         Extra-wide fork

·         Strong and sturdy

·         Durable leather release pouch

·         Shoots steel, lead or glass shot

·         Durable surgical tubing·        

Extends from 250mm to 500mm We do not recommend the use of stones as they can cut the rubber