Glasseye Creek - Forking Mint Sauce

Glasseye Creek - Forking Mint Sauce


Glasseye Creek Premium Forking Mint Sauce 400g

Made with premium mint, extra virgin olive oil, distilled wine vinegars from New Zealand wines, capers and authentic French Dijon mustard, spices and a hint of chilli.

Forking Mint Sauce is a versatile, premium recipe crafted on quality and flavour using real ingredients to enhance without the old mint lake on a plate. It will elevate your Sunday roast, favourite BBQ meats, salads and sides.

Ideal with lamb, beef, pork, venison, chicken, fish and salad. Also great as a dipping sauce, salad dressing or add to casseroles, vegetables, sauces or your favourite roast meat gravy.

Batch brewed in New Zealand.
Gluten Free